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Oh, btw... when I said 'im sorry but yes' I was NOT answering your question (do i need to give the jacket back).... I was, in fact, giving my approval to the pictures you posted they are hot and good and i like your nails and you are a gnagster

Well thank you! I do have to give the coat back eventually. hey I miss n love you- thinking of visiting Portland for my bday!

Gosh guys thank for getting me famous

Gosh guys thank for getting me famous

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do i have to give this jacket back even if it reeks of fish


His Momentous Burden, 2014

pencil on paper

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for days i haven’t seen myself
for years i haven’t known you
for one minute i’d like to be on the other side

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Pepa Prieto

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ever wonder how different your life would be if that one thing never happened

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